Clermont is a small Township located few meters away from Durban in Kwa-Zulu Natal.
It was established in 1930s to 1940 and was named after a British man called CLIARMANT.
Clermont existed due to Industries and Factories which are built around it and most of the people living in this area are from rural areas in Kwa-Zulu Natal and some from Eastern Cape Province.
Clermont is divided into six Wards namely Ward 10, 19, 20, 21, 22, and 92 and they are coordinated in a form of a Zone.

SOURCE OF DEMOGRAPHIC DATA: CENSUS 2001 – Tel: (031) 3600 600
The total population in ward 22 is 23220, African 23155, Coloured 49,White 16 and has got 11386 males, 11834 females and 479 are pensioners and 536 are disabled. Population estimate 2006 – 13084 (source access map). Age 04 is 2580, age 514 is 3527, age 1534 is 10820, age 3564 is 5814, and age
>65 is 479. Employed are 4970 and unemployed are 7238 and not economically active are 4471.
The total population in ward 92 is 28960, African 24512, Coloured 128, Indian 2202, White 2120, Pensioner 865, Disabled 1234, Males 14311, Females 14649, Population Estimate 200643410 (source Access map). Age 04 is 2719, Age 514 is 4670, Age 1534 is 12188, Age 3564 is 8518, Age >65 is 865. Employed are 8085 and Unemployed are 7408 and not Economically Active are 5296.

Clermont /KwaDabeka on the side of the Infrastructure we have 2 Libraries, 1 Police Station and 1 Metro Police Service Center, we have 2 Clinics, we have 5 Sports field, we have no Hospital, we have no Fire Station, we have 7 Community Halls, we have 12 Schools with 3 High Schools and 9 Primary Schools.

As a youth of Clermont we are facing a lot of challenges such as Teenage Pregnancy, Crime, School Drop out, HIV/AIDS, Unemployment and Underemployment.
Our prospects as a youth are to encourage the youth out there to be involved in Government’s Projects & Programmes. To assist the youth with financial and human resource to learn life skills, to combat HIV/IAIDS and related diseases, to prevent crime and refrain from drug abuse and substance abuse, to work with all youth at all level who is ideology does not contradict with the UBYO’s constitution.



UBUNTU BABASHA is a youth organisation based in Clermont

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recordings from introductory workshops in December 2008:

http://www.archive.org/details/DurbanSings_473 (part 1)

http://www.archive.org/details/DurbanSings_221 (part 2)



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